Blue Gold Civet Coffee, The best civet coffee in Thailand

Blue Gold Civet Coffee beans are carefully roasted with our love for coffee in every single process. We, at Blue Gold Civet Coffee, vowed to plant our coffee trees organically, and to only raise cage-free civet cats in suitable and friendly eco-system, which exclusively designed to be as close as possible to their natural habitat. The unique taste and the great aroma speak for our hard work in serving you the best civet coffee.



Recommendation guide:

1) Tear out the coffee package and pour our civet coffee into the ‘coffee section’ (the second part)
2) Add 50 ml. of warm or hot water into the ‘hot water section’ (the third part)
3) Close and tight the lid and heat it up for 3 to 5 minutes, when boiled and ready the ‘coffee’ will appear in the first part

*The Moka pot (Italian Espresso Kettle) brews out the best taste of civet coffee*


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